2022 Online Conferences

2022 Online Conferences
During the past year, the project LIFE Remembrance was presented in a series of online conferences, webinars and seminars. Let’s recap!  
Advanced Nanomaterials to ensure clean water and sanitation (25 March)
Invited lecture at the online conference of the European Chemical Society division of organic chemistry, Euchems, Highlighting Organic Chemistry in Italy. Dr. Manuela Melucci was selected among the eight Italian chemists representing the Italian organic chemistry division.  
Water Scarcity and Water pollution (29 June)
The webinar was organized by EIT-KIC Water Scarcity and Water Europe and was given by Dr. Manuela Melucci, Researcher @ Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity, as a member of the Body of Knowledge (BoK) of the EIT-KIC water scarcity.  
The Information Form to the Chamber System (22 September)
The event was organized by Unioncamere (Italian Chambers of Commerce Association) and DINTEC, Consortium for technological innovation, as part of a joint project with the CNR (National Research Council of Italy) to provide a digital platform for connecting the CNR network of researchers with Italian industries. The talk “The CNR – MEDICA – HERA Case: Innovative Materials for the Purification of Drinking Water”, representing the Department of Chemical Sciences and Materials Technology (DSCTM), highlights a successful case of CNR-industry interaction.  
Graphene-enhanced Technologies for Clean Water and Sanitation (20 October)
Innovation webinars series of the Graphene Flagship: Sustainability in Graphene. The Sustainability and Graphene series showcases how sustainability is treated in the growing graphene area. Through this series, the Graphene Flagship wants to present the holistic approach industry and research fields are taking. The series discussed what the graphene industry needs to consider from a lifecycle perspective, but also dive into examples of how graphene is working for a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future.
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