MEDICA goes to Chem2DMat

MEDICA goes to Chem2DMat
Medica SpA will attend Chem2DMat 2023, an International Conference to be held in Bologna, Italy on May 15-18, 2023.  

About Chem2DMat

  This 4th edition will cover all areas related to 2D materials’ chemistry spanning their synthesis as well as their functionalization, using covalent and non-covalent approaches, for composites, foams and coatings, membranes, (bio-)sensing, (electro- and photo-)catalysis, energy conversion, harvesting and storage, electronics, nanomedicine, biomaterials, with sessions on the following themes:
  • Synthesis, processing and multiscale characterization
  • Bottom-up growth
  • Covalent and non-covalent functionalization
  • Synthetic two-dimensional materials
  • Design of 3D functional materials from layered systems

How we will participate

  Medica will have an exhibition space where they will present the two EU funded projects and related prototypes:
  • Graphil (Horizon 2020 – Core 3 Graphene Flagship Spearhead 1)
Come and meet us!
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