LR partners spreading awareness to middle school students

LR partners spreading awareness to middle school students

LIFE REMEMBRANCE project partners MEDICA S.p.A. and National Research Council together with Montanari Middle School in Mirandola


On the 22nd of February 2024, Medica S.p.A. and the National Research Council of Italy guided an educational initiative with the purpose of spreading awareness to young citizens of future about the use of water and its quality.

No less important, during the session they discussed the importance of the synergy between research and business to protect, defend and improve the quality of water, the blue gold of the third millennium.

The awareness and dissemination initiative of the LIFE REMEMBRANCE project ended with a 2-hour hands-on workshop for each first grade class. Researchers from Medica S.p.A. and CNR-ISOF of Bologna brought materials to the classrooms to build water purification systems and, playing with powders, oil and colors, the children dirtied and cleaned water in an interactive, enthusiastic and participatory way.

The project partners thank the willingness and welcome of the school and teachers for the opportunity to share our work and raise awareness of caring for water among young people.

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