LIFE REMEMBRANCE's Dissemination Article Published in 19th Edition of Project Repository Journal

LIFE REMEMBRANCE’s Dissemination Article Published in 19th Edition of Project Repository Journal

In a significant stride towards sustainable innovation, the LIFE REMEMBRANCE proudly announces the publication of its dissemination article in the 19th edition of the Project Repository Journal (PRj). Titled “Give plastic wastes from the production of hollow-fibre membranes a second life,” this article encapsulates the project’s pioneering efforts in advancing circular production processes for water purification.

At its core, LIFE REMEMBRANCE is driven by the ambition to establish a circular production model for creating safe and innovative granules and cartridges for drinking water purification, with a specific focus on combating emerging contaminants. The project’s approach hinges on the development of groundbreaking technology centered around recycling high-value industrial waste, particularly derived from the production of hollow-fiber membranes (HFM) filters.

The abstract of the article outlines LIFE REMEMBRANCE’s overarching objective: to validate a novel recycling technology through collaboration with an internationally recognized utilities company. By repurposing plastic waste from HFM production, the project aims to contribute to a paradigm shift towards a life-centered ecosystem.

Through its disruptive and responsible production strategy, LIFE REMEMBRANCE endeavors to establish a symbiotic circular value chain centered on waste materials. By doing so, the project not only addresses environmental concerns associated with plastic waste but also pioneers a sustainable approach to water purification technology.

The publication of this dissemination article in the PRj underscores the project’s commitment to sharing its findings and insights with the wider scientific community. It serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts and innovative spirit driving LIFE REMEMBRANCE towards its goal of revolutionizing water purification practices while championing sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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