AquaTech Amsterdam: Remembrance for Water An Exampling Systemic Solution Towards One Health

On 07th November during Aquatech Amsterdam 2023, LIFE Remembrance project was presented to to the public of economic, scientific, policy, utilities and institutional stakeholders.

The consortium partners, MEDICA S.p.A. and ISOF CNR, were accompanied in this journey by the project’s advisory board:
🔹Eva Enyedi from Ofwat
🔹Sanin Musovic from Danish Technological Institute
🔹Maria Cristina Pasi from Izar – Innovation Zone for Accountable Results
🔹Lisa Bregoli from Warrant Hub – Tinexta Group
🔹Nicole C. from Laboratori Chimici STANTE S.R.L.
🔹Hèctor Monclús from LEQUIA

The project advancement, its sustainability impact and the after-LIFE vision attracted a wide international audience and paved the floor for the next steps.

Amazing the matchmaking sessions, which saw the contribution of synergic external partners:
🔹Naomi Timmer from H2O People
🔹Michela Bergamini from Gruppo Hera
🔹Maria Cristina Pasi, Water Europe & European Junior Water Programme ambassador
🔹MEDICA S.p.A. with Letizia Bocchi, Giuseppe Palumbo, Alberto Goldoni
🔹ISOF CNR – Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity with Manuela Melucci

A special thanks to all the participants!


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