Stories of Sustainability

21st June 2023 | 9.30 A.M. |

Voice to sustainable projects:
From research to enterprise
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“Don’t throw anything away,” our grandparents used to say, referring to food when it was still good to eat, but also to objects and clothing that, despite being old, could be reused and recycled in some way.
Our grandparents, in an unconscious way, were educating us about sustainability and following what are now called “circular economy models.”

Stories of Sustainability will be a chance for us to give space and voice to concrete examples of sustainable projects spanning different areas, from the world of research to business.

Claudia Coscarella

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager | Fercam Echo Labs

FERCAM Echo Labs: a story of upcycling, industrial symbiosis and social innovation

Manuela Melucci

Researcher | CNR ISOF – Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity

Circular economy and reuse of production waste for advanced drinking water treatment in EU Life Remembrance project

Matteo Morolli

PhD student in Industrial Research | Department of Mechanical Engineering UniBO and Turtle srl

Sustainability beyond simple communication: quantifying and reducing your impacts by doing business

Anna Sagnella

Researcher, sustainable materials and processes | MISTER Smart Innovation

Moderator of the panel discussion

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